What's inside the Spring 2017 box?

A seasonal mix of flower infused scent blends, sultry body and face products all geared to rev you up for all the new beginnings that springtime offers. Our tonic teas are aimed toward seasonal allergies, immune support, and lung health. 

Face and Neck Cream No. 1

Kiwi - Nectarine & Freesia Frappe

Aww! Smoothies are so refreshing on a warm spring's day. This one is for your face! Delight in this cool, calming aloe-based face cream. This fruity scented whip tightens skin, while aiding  healing facial scars, freckles and discoloration with the healing power of Vitamin E and Carrot Seed Oil. 

Best for Normal to slightly dry skin types. Will also aid acne type that are dry, not oily. 

Ingredients : aloe vera, almond and avocado oils, rosehip, vitamin e, carrot seed oil, candelilla wax, nectarine and kiwi essences, freesia essential oil 

Salve No. 2

Jazzy Ginger

With the warming sensation of ginger, this salve also aids in healing bruises with arnica, heats sore muscles, and dulls minor aches and pains. 

Please avoid open wounds or cuts! 

Moldavite and Iris Essence Charged

Ingredients: cacao butter, shea oil, almond, calendula, vitamin e, arnica, jasmine, st. johns wort, camphor, ginger, benzoin, vanilla 

Facial Mask No. 1

Sea No Pores

Purge even the most clogged pores with activated charcoal and rhassoul clay. Irish moss exfoliates while giving the skin a plant-based collagen shot. Firms skin, and tones complexion. Plus, while it is on your face, this black charcoal mask, makes you look like a sea monster! Great for all skin types, especially mature or blackhead prone.

Ingredients: rhassoul clay, activated charcoal, irish moss granules, cucumber hydrosol, aloe vera, avocado oil, witch hazel, horsetail extract, honeydew essence 

Massage Oil No. 1

Chocolate Rose Moon

Indulge yourself or grab a friend and try this sensuous massage oil! Unwind and release tight muscles with warming ginger, and healing St. John's Wort and arnica. Delight in the chocolate rose scent, with subtle cherry undertones.

Kunzite and Fuchsia Essence Charged 

Ingredients: Coconut and grapeseed oils, castor oil, cacao butter,essences of chocolate and cherry, rose essential oil, benzoin resin, ginger, camphor, st. johns wort, arnica, sandalwood

Essential Scent Blend No. 2

Flower Patch

Springtime bees are a buzzing, and so are we! Take a moment to smell the roses, and let everyone else in on it, with this ultra-floral scent blend. 

Rose Quartz and Poppy Essence Charged

Ingredients: Jojoba and sweet almond oil, essential oils of gardenia, jasmine, litsea cubea, lilac, benzoin and rose

Tonic Tea No. 3

Equinox Immunity 

Sweet & tart describe this antioxidant berry blend. Aimed at preventing springtime colds, and especially geared toward lung health.  Great for both hot and cold teas. 

Ingredients: spring nettles, tulsi, elderberry, apple, goji, ginger, schizandra, golden berry, lemon, vanilla 

Tonic Tea No. 4

Spring Fever

Reminiscent of St. Germain Liqueur this elderflower blend simply screams spring. Be prepared to feel the flower power, as you sip this blend, specially handcrafted to aid in seasonal allergies. Chamomile, pennyroyal, passionflower and linden all aid to calm frazzled nerves, and put you in a tranquil state. 

Ingredients: elderflower, pennyroyal, spearmint, chamomile, linden flower, rooibios, passionflower, bergamot